Private Shore Excursions

You’ve traveled a long way and paid a pretty penny for your cruise to be both a spectacular and an elegant experience—so why pull into port and cram onto a bus with 500 other people? The cruise companies do their best, but when you’re catering to thousands of people, there are only so many ways of doing things. So why not escape the crowds and let us take you on a private Alaska shore excursion? We’ll show you the most interesting spots (and ones you can’t take 500 people—or even 50), introduce you to authentic experiences, and generally give you the insider’s tour. What’s more, it’s dead easy, and involves no waiting around: we’ll meet you at the dock holding a sign with your name on it, then whisk you away for a private adventure of your choosing. Will the other passengers have Shorex envy? Absolutely. Will you enjoy bragging rights? Definitely. But most importantly, you’ll have an unforgettable experience, whether it’s dogsledding, spotting whales, climbing glaciers, viewing bears in a remote sanctuary, helicopter flightseeing, or kayaking among dramatic fjords.

It would be almost impossible for us to list all of the private shore excursions we offer here. However, scroll down to get an idea of the options in each port. As always, we can combine activities and customize experiences in numerous ways.