Luxury Family Travel

How Entrée Destinations does luxury family travel:

At Entrée Destinations, we understand just how incredible luxury family travel can be. Time spent on vacation together is precious, and there’s the potential to make memories that will be recalled at the dinner table for years to come. However, we are no strangers to the reality of luxury family travel – it isn’t always easy! Whether you’ve got little ones who need to pace themselves or teenagers that need to be kept engaged, meticulous planning is needed to pull off that all-important family vacation, and that’s where we come in. We obsess over the details, and we know how families work. We know that little ones sometimes just want a day in a hotel with a pool and that teens need activities such as ziplining and bear-viewing to pull them away from their screens. Entrée Destinations can deliver an experience that’s entirely customized to your family’s needs and one that allows you to focus on what really matters.

Why choose Canada & Alaska for luxury family travel:

Canada & Alaska is home to a landscape that offers endless possibilities for luxury family travel. This peaceful corner of North America has options for travelers of all ages, from toddlers to grandparents. Home to classic vistas such as the Canadian Rockies and Mount Denali discover an immersive and authentic landscape. From learning about BC’s First Nations’ Peoples to viewing bears fishing during the salmon run, these journeys offer connection for all ages with North American culture, peoples, and nature. Other highlights include polar bear watching, the Rocky Mountaineer train route and family-friendly remote lodges. With private transfers and 24/7 support from our team, expect stress-free luxury family travel.