Rail Travel Tours

Luxury rail travel tours through Canada & Alaska:

From experiencing the quaint quirks of French Quebec to the towering grandeur of Mount Denali, our region is often best explored by train — they offer a unique perspective! Whether you’re luxuriating in Alaska’s GoldStar Dome service or unwinding in the Rocky Mountaineer’s Gold Leaf carriages, our vistas look better from the comfort of a luxury train. Additionally, with Quebec City’s European charm, the unforgettable national parks of the Rockies, and the wild bear-watching of Alaska — whatever your route, there’s plenty to enjoy along the way. For an effortlessly enjoyable trip, rail travel tours are a stellar way to go.

Rail travel tours with Entrée Destinations:

On your rail trip with Entrée Destinations, it’s not just the train service that’s first-class. From your first step on our shores, you’ll have access to our 24/7 travel support — we are by your side! Our itineraries are built from the ground up to your personal preferences. Want to combine the Rocky Mountaineer with a tour of Vancouver Island? We know a route that’s right for you. Interested in combining your journey through French Quebec with a stay at Newfoundland’s famous Fogo Island Inn? We can take you there. Our expertise in planning floatplane flights, private transfers, and more, means we can take your adventure to the next level. Have a browse of our rail travel tours below, they’re a taster of what is possible!