What We Do

  • Collaborate

    We collaborate with you to create a customized trip of a lifetime across Canada or Alaska.

  • Plan

    Once the itinerary is set we meticulously plan every last detail on your behalf.

  • Operate

    We operate every trip with the utmost of thoughtfulness, care and attention to detail. Here, especially, is where you see what we’re made of.

  • Delight

    Our efforts will lead to a hassle-free travel experience, leaving you the time and space to enjoy your journey without lifting a finger.

Are we right for you?

It all depends on how you like to travel and how you value your time. If you want to do the research, book and manage all of the components, handling the details yourself, you might not value our work and expertise. We’re not a fit for everyone and that’s ok. Some trips you want to do on your own, others you might prefer having an expert on the job.

Entrée Destinations is a boutique travel company, specializing only in Canada and Alaska. We have forged meaningful partnerships with the region’s top hotels, resorts, wilderness lodges and other service providers. We have developed an outstanding collection of tours, adventures, excursions and encounters with fascinating locals. Compound the 20+ years that we’ve been serving guests and we feel like a powerhouse in our domain. These forces will be at work in the planning and delivery of your journey.

Price, Value & Soul

We are definitely not the cheapest operator in the mix. In fact, let’s be straight up on this point. Depending on the trip you plan, we may be more expensive than what you can find at an online mega site or from other big volume operators. That’s because every Entrée Destinations trip is handcrafted by a veteran industry professional. We invest in visiting the places we sell, we take the time to do the planning, we insure our trips, and execute them to perfection. We dare to suggest that a website will not care for you like this group of skilled and passionate people!

You will enjoy having one dedicated point of contact, and a company full of character, experience and integrity managing your trip. You’ll find us behind the scenes, but present 24-7, ready to take care of you as if you were our own family.

What People are Saying

“Marc Telio and his Entrée Destinations team are touched by genius. They make my large American family feel at home in Canada, yet somehow find a way to make Vancouver, the city I grew up in, a new and surprising experience for me every time I return. Anyone who says “You can’t please all the people all the time” has never worked with Entrée Destinations.”

— Michael J Fox

Do you use a travel agent?

If you have a travel agent who knows you and how you like to travel, we are delighted to collaborate with them. Entrée Destinations is honored to be the preferred partner for industry heavyweights in the international travel industry, including Virtuoso, American Express Platinum and Centurion, Signature Travel Network and Ensemble Travel Group. We partner with the top travel agents and tour operators around the world, so feel free to have them contact us on your behalf.