About Us

Who We Are

We at Entrée Destinations are passionate explorers. We’re anglers, skiers, tree-huggers and float plane enthusiasts. Most importantly, we live for unique travel experiences. The kind of out-of-the-box, personalized travel moments that fulfil dreams, tick off bucket lists and create memories, stories and legends for our guests. Our dedication to meticulously planned journeys has made us a leader in the field, but what feeds our soul is giving our guests what they never dreamed possible.



What We Do

We listen. Whether you have a specific experience or region in mind or you’re entirely unsure, It’s up to us to listen carefully, create your journey thoughtfully and bring your dreams and travels to life.

We don’t pick our itineraries off the shelf. Everything is created from the ground up, personalized with you in mind. Our journeys are bespoke, our experiences one of a kind. The itineraries on our website are designed to inspire, tantalize and awaken your wanderlust – but are merely a starting point in our collaborative process.

Curating a bespoke travel experience is just the tip of the iceberg. Once the trip is planned, we thoughtfully operate each aspect of your journey, and are available to you behind the scenes 24/7. No detail is too small, no wish too grandiose. Your job? To relax and enjoy.

Why Us?

For 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to creating the most spectacular experiences possible across Canada and Alaska. We remain dedicated solely to our specialty in this region.

With a storied history of designing transformative journeys for discerning and distinguished guests, we’ve forged lifelong partnerships with the top lodges, resorts and outfitters in our territory. We love contributing to these communities through our ongoing business and mentorship.

The region in which we operate is vast and complex, with an endless amount of choices and logistics to consider. We make the planning process simple, fun and collaborative; resulting in a bespoke journey tailored to fulfill your dreams.

When traveling in our care, you’ll find us meticulous, attentive, thoughtful and at your service.

We cannot wait to connect you to our extraordinary collection of experiences, the local people and the land.

Going Green

It’s no secret we love where we send our guests. From the shores of Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains, throughout the northwest and to the great land of Alaska, we’re passionate about introducing our guests to new places, local people and eliminating our overall environmental footprint. With that in mind, all trips that we operate include a $5 carbon surcharge per person to offset the carbon emissions of an average Entrée Destinations experience.  At the end of each calendar year, these funds are utilized to purchase Gold Standard carbon offset credits from Less Emissions.

What does this mean? We’re supporting global projects that strictly follow the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism protocols for Certified Emission Reductions.  In plain English? We’re balancing out the emissions produced by our journeys by offsetting them through other environmental initiatives across the world. In addition, we operate as a carbon-neutral organization. By purchasing offsets and green electricity and green natural gas, we significantly reduce the emissions created by our corporate travel and business operations.

Thank you for supporting Entrée Destinations, and the small difference we make both at home and around the world.

What People are Saying

“Marc Telio and his Entrée Destinations team are touched by genius. They make my large American family feel at home in Canada, yet somehow find a way to make Vancouver, the city I grew up in, a new and surprising experience for me every time I return. Anyone who says “You can’t please all the people all the time” has never worked with Entrée Destinations.”

— Michael J Fox

Do you use a travel agent?

If you have a travel agent who knows you and how you like to travel, we are delighted to collaborate with them. Entrée Destinations is honored to be the preferred partner for industry heavyweights in the international travel industry, including Virtuoso, Travel Leaders, American Express Platinum and Centurion, Signature Travel Network and Ensemble Travel Group. We partner with the top travel agents and tour operators around the world, so feel free to have them contact us on your behalf.