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About Us

Whether you would like your own Grand Prix at a private race track in BC or a dinner party for your friends on a glacier in the Rockies, you only need one contact. Entrée Destinations are the experts on luxury travel to Canada & Alaska. Just give us a call and an idea and we will handle the rest. Your peace of mind is ensured by our 24/7 personal concierge service. Welcome to our region.

Why Entrée?


We specialize in only Canada & Alaska to make sure we know it better than anyone else. Conde Nast Traveler has named us destination specialist 11 years in a row.


Our staff personally visits partners and suppliers every year to ensure we speak from experience not from hearsay.


Been in business for over 25 years creating bespoke trips as unique as the guest.


We offer 24/7 support for our traveling guests. We are fully insured and part of the travel fund of Canada.

The Entrée Difference


Our Attention to Detail: You don’t have to think of anything, we’ve got it covered.

Our In Depth-Knowledge: Working with us means having the top insider knowledge of Canada and Alaska at your disposal.

Our Responsive Nature: We ensure 24/7 support is given to you while traveling, and if necessary, back-up plans are executed seamlessly.

Our Custom Approach: Your trip is tailored just for you, by our expert travel planners.

What We Do

We craft outstanding experiences that deliver for our guests what they never dreamed possible. We build our itineraries from the ground up to your unique preferences. With Entrée Destinations, no two trips are the same, but each incorporate these three elements:

Luxury Experiences
The experiences that we offer are indulgent, but always tasteful. Our journeys are founded in an appreciation of the finer things, whether it be five-star hotels, sensational views or exclusive experiences. We are always aiming to create show-stopping encounters and lifelong memories.
Personalized travel
We don’t do off the shelf. All of our journeys are tailored entirely to your precise needs. We use our thoughtfulness and expertise to create bespoke experiences that you never dreamed possible — you’ll feel meticulously cared for as a result. You’ll be thrilled by our “give us an idea and let’s run with it” attitude.
A meaningful experience
We take our guests to the true soul of our destinations. From taking on adventures such as kayaking with beluga whales to peacefully connecting with nature at a remote wilderness retreat, our journey will leave a lasting impact on you

What People Are Saying

“Marc Telio and his Entrée Destinations team are touched by genius. They make my large American family feel at home in Canada, yet somehow find a way to make Vancouver, the city I grew up in, a new and surprising experience for me every time I return. Anyone who says “You can’t please all the people all the time” has never worked with Entrée Destinations.”


Marc Telio


Marc is our visionary and our leader. Every day he leads by example, with his finger on the pulse of the business and the spirit of his co-workers. “Hands on” doesn’t begin to cover it.

Marc is very involved in developing new destinations and experiences for our guests, ensuring they meet his expectations for authenticity, experience and delivery. He is also in tune with the guest experience, often popping in to visit with guests as they are boarding a seaplane, landing in Vancouver or just starting off a day of touring. He loves touching our guests in a meaningful way whenever possible.

It’s Marc’s passion and personal touch that inspire the Entrée team to be our very best every day. This is why we have been named Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist 11 years in a row!

Our Team

We have dedicated ourselves to creating the most spectacular experiences possible across Canada and Alaska. We remain dedicated solely to our specialty in this region.

With a storied history of designing transformative journeys for discerning and distinguished guests, we’ve forged lifelong partnerships with the top lodges, resorts and outfitters in our territory. We love contributing to these communities through our ongoing business and mentorship.

The region in which we operate is vast and complex, with an endless amount of choices and logistics to consider. We make the planning process simple, fun and collaborative; resulting in a bespoke journey tailored to fulfill your dreams.

When traveling in our care, you’ll find us meticulous, attentive, thoughtful and at your service. We cannot wait to connect you to our extraordinary collection of experiences, the local people and the land.

Do you use a
Travel agent?

If you have a travel agent who knows you and how you like to travel, we would be delighted to collaborate with them.

Entrée Destinations is the preferred partner for industry heavyweights in the international travel industry, including Virtuoso, Travel Leaders, American Express Platinum and Centurion, Signature Travel Network and Ensemble Travel Group. We partner with the top travel agents and tour operators around the world, so feel free to have them contact us on your behalf.

Going Green

From the shores of Newfoundland to the Rocky Mountains, throughout the northwest and to the great land of Alaska, we’re passionate about introducing our guests to new places, local people and eliminating our overall environmental footprint. With that in mind, all trips that we operate include a $5 carbon surcharge per person to offset the carbon emissions of an average Entrée Destinations experience. At the end of each calendar year, these funds are utilized to purchase Gold Standard carbon offset credits from Less Emissions.

What does this mean? We’re balancing out the emissions by offsetting them through other environmental initiatives across the world. In addition, we operate as a carbon-neutral organization. Thank you for supporting Entrée Destinations, and the small difference we make both at home and around the world.