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Winter in the Northwest Territories


STARTING FROM $15,400 (approx $11,795 USD)

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In the icy wilderness of the Northwest Territories, winter’s wonders await. During this nine-day adventure, you’ll journey into the far north – a magical place where the skies illuminate with the northern lights, a highway of ice stretches deep into the Arctic, and Elders share legends and traditions passed through countless generations. Here, you’ll experience a rugged, untamed land filled with adventure, discovery and unparalleled natural beauty – home to the deepest lakes, the highest waterfalls and cultural traditions that have been followed since time immemorial.

Important message to set expectations.
We are so pleased you’ve found your way to this exciting adventure that was built with explorers in mind. While Entrée Canada is known for meticulous planning and smoothly operated journeys, the nature of travel to Canada’s remote destinations can often be unpredictable.


Our hosts have committed to welcoming guests with glowing hearts; however, they aren’t always able to guarantee themselves on a given day. Should one of your hosts be unavailable for unforeseen reasons, we will do our best to connect you with other interesting locals, activities and meaningful experiences.

Weather plays a critical role in these remote areas, and this might significantly impact your trip. We cannot emphasize this enough: be prepared for changes, rearranged services, and cancellations to ensure your safety. As always, we will be at your service to communicate alternatives and solutions.

Lastly, please know that many of the accommodation partners in these remote places are the best available (and we love them) – however, they are typically more rustic than the luxury lodges and resorts we partner with across Canada.

If you prefer more predictable outcomes and upscale accommodations, we are happy to suggest a well-suited journey. If you are an explorer who wishes to travel to remote areas and embrace the unpredictable, fasten your seatbelt and read on. This is where unscripted begins.

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The Route

The Entrée Difference


Our Attention to Detail: You don’t have to think of anything, we’ve got it covered.

Our In Depth-Knowledge: Working with us means having the top insider knowledge of Canada and Alaska at your disposal.

Our Responsive Nature: We ensure 24/7 support is given to you while traveling, and if necessary, back-up plans are executed seamlessly.

Our Custom Approach: Your trip is tailored just for you, by our expert travel planners.

The Itinerary


Welcome to Yellowknife! A private transfer will deliver you to the Explorer Hotel, a cozy home base where you can warm up after a full day of travel. Upon arrival at your hotel, you’ll receive a package of warm winter clothing for use during your stay. Accommodations are at the Explorer Hotel in a Deluxe King Room.


Today, board a skiplane flight to Blachford Lake Lodge, situated atop a rolling hill overlooking a frozen lake. Here, wood fires offer cozy comfort while the auroras dance directly above. The lodge’s remote location eliminates light pollution, allowing for epic stargazing from the rooftop hot tub, dedicated viewing decks, or the middle of the frozen lake. Spend the next few days slowing down, breathing in the rejuvenating northern air and soaking in the natural wonders that surround you. Accommodations are at Blachford Lake Lodge in a Private Cabin.


Spend the next two days indulging in the lodge’s many delights: stargazing, curling up with a book in the library, learning proper photo techniques to capture the auroras, swapping stories around the fire pits, fat biking and skating along wooded trails, skiing and snowshoeing in pristine forest, and ice fishing in the silent wilderness. For an additional cost, you can embark on an exhilarating snowmobile tour across a wintry tableau of frozen lakes and portages. Accommodations are at Blachford Lake Lodge in a Private Cabin.


Bid farewell to Blachford Lake Lodge and board your flight back to town, where you’ll catch a private transfer to the Explorer Hotel. En route, pop into a local taxidermist and marvel at carefully preserved polar bears, muskox, grizzlies, lynx and other wildlife. After dinner, you’ll journey to the Indigenous-owned Aurora Village for a northern lights experience. Here, warm teepees and comfortable seating beckon visitors seeking front-row seats to the most spectacular light show on earth. Accommodations are at the Explorer Hotel in a Deluxe King Room.


Rise and shine! This morning, you’ll fly to the small town of Inuvik and head to Aklavik via the stunning Ice Highway – a 117-kilometre stretch of highway that journeys over dozens of frozen lakes. Keep your eyes peeled for spectacular views of the Richardson Mountains, then pay homage to the famed Mad Trapper’s gravesite and tour Aklavik with a local guide. Next, you’ll journey back to Okpik Arctic Village, a self-sustaining community whose residents live off the land and sell what they trap and produce. Here, you’ll meet with a local Elder, learn how igloos are made, and sample a local Inuit delicacy – Muktuk, or whale skin and blubber. You’ll also visit traplines and learn how Inuvialuit people live off the land. Accommodations are at the Mackenzie Hotel in an Executive Suite.


This morning, take a private plane from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk, flying over the commanding Richardson Mountains, up the Mackenzie River Delta and over the frozen Arctic Ocean. In the small hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, situated along the ice highway, you’ll join our local Inuvialuit host for an afternoon of dogsledding and snowmobiling among raised pingos and endless stretches of snow on the vast, frozen Arctic Ocean. After a homemade lunch at the home of your guides, return via the new Mackenzie Valley Highway to Inuvik – a memorable drive showcasing dramatic vistas. Accommodations are at the Mackenzie Hotel in an Executive Suite.


Today, you’ll travel via plane back to Yellowknife. The rest of the day is yours to explore or rest at your leisure. Accommodations are at the Explorer Hotel in a Deluxe King Room.


Enjoy breakfast at the hotel, then take a private transfer to the airport. Yes, you’re departing for home – but your winter adventures in the Northwest Territories will stay with you long after you leave.

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