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Our Inspiration

The Stories of Canada™ was born out of our need for connection. To connect our guests to Canadians, to new experiences, and to lands they may have never had the chance to learn about, let alone discover. For a country as vast as Canada, there are countless unique places, people and communities which are unknown to travelers, the tourism industry and most Canadians.

Our inspiration behind these itineraries is to develop and uncover a collection of unique community-based experiences, and to promote a reciprocal cultural exchange between visitors and locals. The goal of these journeys is not only to inspire travelers, but to positively impact local Canadian communities and their economies on a deeper level.

Understanding Canadian culture and history also means connecting with Indigenous peoples, their culture and ways of life. To honour the First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples who have inhabited these spaces for time immemorial and continue to shape them today, we have partnered with Indigenous tourism operators and communities across Canada who are eager to welcome guests and share their stories.

Our passion to develop community-based tourism experiences has been ignited. What we’re creating, in partnership with Canada’s Federal, Provincial and Territorial governments and Indigenous partners, will make history for tourism in Canada.

What to Expect

The Stories of Canada™ itineraries are made for explorers like you. While we have included some accommodations, lodges, hotels, and resorts that offer luxury, our focus is to invite you to unique experiences with talented and engaging storytellers. We will share with you authentic places and the people that steward them, including a number of remote and welcoming communities that remain largely unvisited by other travelers.

Many of these experiences are not polished nor scripted. Instead, they’re home to Canadians ready to welcome you – as they are. Uncut, unfiltered, and unpretentious, our collection of experiences will showcase locals who have a story to tell in some of the most magical places across our country.

Expect Entrée Canada touches along the way, with private seaplanes, helicopters, small aircraft, and intimate access to enhance the experience and to make reaching these remote places as magical as it is seamless.

Our commitment to supporting our remote communities extends beyond economic impact. Through our Carbon Reduction Program we offset the carbon emissions of our journeys, and support the sustainability efforts of our remote communities, business, and travel partners.

Exclusive Access

Launching January 2022, we’re inviting you to join us on this journey. Over the coming months, we’ll introduce you to unforgettable locals, provide you with a glimpse of never-before-seen experiences, and share behind-the-scenes footage in the creation of The Stories of Canada™.

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