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Luxury travel experiences in Canada & Alaska

Luxury travel experiences in Canada & Alaska are authentic and varied. Whether you’re pining for cities, mountains, or nature viewing, there are activities here that will delight every traveler. When it comes to wildlife, our corner of North America has some unparalleled options. From watching feeding polar bears to breaching humpback whales, the creatures in our region are stunning. If you would like a mix of time in the city and the wild, then urban gems such as beach-side Vancouver are a spectacular way to go. Additionally, with world-class heli-skiing, phenomenal train routes, and more, who knows what you could see and do? Have a browse of the tours below — they’re a taster of what is possible!

Luxury Adventure Travel

Is your idea of travel complete with heart-pounding, adrenaline rushing adventures? Adventure travel may not be for the faint of heart, but for courageous (and even daring!) travelers, conquering rushing rapids or soaring high above mighty peaks in a small-winged aircraft is the only way to see the world. We can transform just about any trip from mild to wild, but this selection of journeys is adventure travel at its best and puts the ‘wild’ in wilderness.

Bucket List Moments

Bucket list moments look different for everyone, but the common denominator is that they offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences for those lucky enough to experience them. Need some inspiration or bucket list ideas? Imagine traveling across Canada by private jet or cruising remote waterways of the Inside passage on a chartered yacht, maybe even renting out an entire wilderness lodge to host friends and family. These vacation ideas are exceptional, extraordinary and even unprecedented!

City Breaks

Explore cosmopolitan neighborhoods in style. Acquaint yourself with unique cities of North America as you experience stunning architecture, world-class fine dining, vibrant nightlife and luxurious accommodations. Take in the pulsating energy of busy streets and find solace from the bright lights in expansive park space, designed to give urbanites and visitors alike a shady reprieve from the bustling city centers.

Luxury Family Vacation Tours

We are no strangers to the reality of luxury family travel – it isn’t always easy! Whether you’ve got little ones who need to pace themselves or teenagers that need to be kept engaged, meticulous planning is needed to pull off that all-important family vacation, and that’s where we come in. With private transfers and 24/7 support from our team, expect stress-free unforgettable journeys.


Cast a line and reel in the big one on a fishing expedition! Canada and Alaska’s waterways are teeming with all five species of salmon, trout, halibut, and rockfish. Compete with bears hunting for fish and spot wild birds circling overhead, inadvertently revealing five-star fishing locales to lucky visitors.

Luxury Lodge Vacations

Step back into the wild with vacation packages that serve guests anything from mild to wild. Canadian lodge vacations give visitors the opportunity to recharge under a canopy of old-growth forests, rejuvenate in a cedar-lined hot tub or spot wildlife on land or sea. Alaskan lodge vacations offer wilderness activities in the shadow of ancient glaciers, towering mountains, and rushing waterways.

Northern Lights

Whether you’re gazing up at the Auroral Oval from a heated yurt in Alaska or a frozen lake in the Yukon, luxury northern lights tours celebrate our remote region in the best way. Mother Nature’s greatest lights show is a bucket list experience, and nowhere does it better than Canada and Alaska. Seeing the green tinges dance through the sky is a sight you’ll never forget and you may not look up at the night’s sky in the same way again!

Rail Travel Tours

All aboard for a once in a lifetime vacation! Rail travel in North America offers a glimpse into regions otherwise unseen, whether you’re winding through Canada’s Rocky Mountains on the Rocky Mountaineer Train, riding the rails from Toronto to Montreal in VIA Rail’s Business Class or marveling at the sights aboard Alaska Railroad’s unique GoldStar dome car.

Road Trips

The landscape of Canada and Alaska is unforgettably beautiful, and with such a well-maintained road network, it’s ideally suited to road trips. From tours around Mount Denali National Park to quaint meanders through French Quebec, there are some incredible drives here. You’ll love the variety that’s on offer, think wild rainforests in BC, alpine lakes in the Rockies, and the rugged terrain of Newfoundland for inspiration.

Romantic Vacations

Romantic vacations are as varied as the couples who seek them. Bask in newlywed bliss on a Canadian honeymoon complete with glamping in luxury tents, or in the comfort of five-star luxury hotels across Canada. Equally as alluring is an Alaskan honeymoon or a romantic getaway in Alaska – perfect for couples looking to reconnect amidst stunning scenery and fresh air.

Ski & Winter Experiences

Canada and Alaska are synonymous with winter, and both offer unique activities perfect for a family vacation. From heli-skiing Alaska’s mountain range to the world-class ski resort of Whistler Blackcomb, our expert travel planners (and ski lovers!) are waiting to share where the best gentle bowls, steep mountain faces, and backcountry skiing can be had. Not into whizzing downhill or hanging from a chairlift? We’ll give you a glimpse into unique winter culture, traditions and activities ranging from dog-sledding and snowshoeing to witnessing the Aurora Borealis – Mother Nature’s greatest show.

Wildlife Viewing

We’ll get you up close and personal with some of Canada and Alaska’s wildest creatures. Spot bears from a British Columbia wilderness resort, stroll across the tundra with Muskox in Canada’s far north, marvel at whales breaching along Alaska’s Inside Passage, or search for moose and Dall’s sheep in Denali National Park & Preserve. There are no fences or cages here, simply pure unadulterated wilderness!

Indigenous Experiences

Canada & Alaska offer a rich and storied past, comprised of Indigenous people prospering on unforgiving land and in challenging conditions. This collection of experiences aims to share stories of endurance, of dogged determination and commitment to preserve a heritage and culture historically threatened by abuse, mistreatment and extinction. We’re not your ordinary travel planner, and in partnership with the Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada we’re committed to continual education for ourselves and our guests.