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Behind The Scenes

The Creation of the Stories of Canada

This takes a village. Each of the itineraries developed for Stories of Canada was a collaboration with the local Provincial or Territorial Tourism Marketing Organization. Every storyteller, guide, landscape, experience, and place to sleep were carefully chosen for inclusion in this collection. The flow of each trip is thoughtfully arranged. From there our crew embarked on each trip to experience and vet every component, to film it, capture it, and to prepare it for our guests. We call it product development, but it’s equally a shoot.

This is a glimpse of the settings, the people we meet and the places we’ve visited – and to get you behind our lenses.

The Crew

Four men from Quebec, written by Marc Telio.


Matt is our lead videographer. He is one of Canada’s finest and was my first and only choice to lead this crew. He is both an artist and a genius with his cameras and drone equipment. He knows how to capture the beauty of a place and its people. He is fast with his equipment, great for capturing wildlife and unexpected moments. He is adventurous, willing to shoot in any conditions and setting. He is an exceptional editor and has performed magic in bringing our stories to life on film. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, a father, spouse, and a dear friend to me.


Oli is Matt’s second videographer, protégé, assistant and huge supporter of our filming. He filmed on 6 of the 7 trips we took in the summer of 2021. He is a professional drone catcher and non-stop generator of good vibes. Oli loves his work and absolutely nothing can extinguish his smile. He’s up for our sunrise shoots, every day of the week, game face on – and he’s there until the sun has set. He’s a great contributor to our work.


Paul joined our crew when we decided on adding still photography to our mission. He shot with us in British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia – and will be a permanent fixture on all future trips. Paul takes spectacular photos. He challenges us to go the distance on our shoots. He possesses every app known to man for tracing weather patterns and northern lights and is always weighing in on how to create optimal conditions for our filming. He is curious, always asking questions and walks up front with our guides and hosts to take in as much as he can. Paul brings a great sense of humor, professionalism and fun to every shoot.


Alex joined our crew as second videographer for our trip to Quebec, and lead videographer in Alberta. From the outskirts of Montreal, Alex has worked for over 20 years as a producer, director, cameraman and editor in hundreds of video projects across the country, as well as in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. He is fun-loving, gentle and a totally kind-hearted man who always brings a smile. He is spectacular with his cameras and we can’t wait to have Alex join us on while shooting our winter collection.

Go Behind The Lens

British Columbia 1:22 mins

Newfoundland and Labrador 3:06 mins

Yukon Territory 1:50 mins

Alberta 2:08 mins

Northwest Territories 2:41 mins

Quebec 2:13 mins

Nova Scotia 2:03 mins

Haida Gwaii, British Columbia 2:01 mins

Yukon’s Winter 3:01 mins

Winter in Alberta 2:15 mins

Northwest Territories’ Winter 3:32 mins

Winter in Quebec 2:42 mins

The Collection


The Stories of Canada
Why We Created This


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