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Exploring La Belle Province


$7,575 (APPROX $5,580 USD)

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This trip combines the two great cities of the province of Quebec with two of its most spectacular outdoor destinations. In Montreal and Quebec City, you’ll discover the urban highlights, with guided tours that take in chic streets, historic sites, and architectural wonders. In the resort town of Mont Tremblant, tucked away in the Laurentian Mountains, you’ll experience the great outdoors through such activities as hiking, mountain biking, swimming, or riding. Sacacomie, nestled between lake and mountains between Montréal and Québec City, offers an open door to nature.

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The Route

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The Itinerary


Upon your arrival at the airport in Montréal, pick up your full-sized rental vehicle and make your way downtown. Explore the nearby Notre Dame Basilica, its dramatic Gothic Revival architecture dating back to 1829. Stroll the cobbled streets, visiting the nearby galleries, boutiques and bistros. Accommodations are at Hotel William Gray in a Deluxe King View.

On your second day you’ll be escorted through the streets of Montréal by an expert guide. History buffs will rejoice on this three-hour walking tour which focuses on Montréal’s three hundred and sixty-year history. Get a behind-the-scenes look at Rue Saint Paul, the Old Port, and more.


This morning you will set out for Mont Tremblant, a one-and-a half hour self-guided drive northwest through the Laurentian Mountains. The day is yours to spend at leisure. Explore Mont Tremblant’s quaint pedestrian village, or stop by the Beach and Tennis Club on Lake Tremblant. Accommodations are at Hotel Quintessence in a Q-Suite.

Enjoy your fourth day at leisure. Take the gondola up Mont Tremblant to take in the panoramic views – and access the hiking trails, observation tower, birds of prey show and more. For adrenaline junkies there’s ATV tours, river rafting, or water skiing (among other heart-pounding adventures!). For something a little slower paced, try horseback riding, kayaking, or hiking.


Today enjoy a self-guided three hour drive from Mont Tremblant to Sacacomie. Once you’ve arrived, explore the bordering Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve. Keep your camera handy (and make sure there are no snacks in your pockets!) depending on the season, you may catch a glimpse of hare, wolf, black bear, or moose. Accommodations are at Hotel Sacacomie in a Suite.

On the sixth day of your journey explore the lakes and forest of Sacacomie on a three-hour hike with your experienced guide. You’ll learn about the area’s flora and fauna from a local naturalist while hiking through the Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve. The afternoon is yours at leisure, relax at the hotel or take in any number of outdoor activities. Options include ATV or seaplane tours, fishing, boat and helicopter tours, horseback riding, or swimming in Sacacomie Lake.


Today enjoy Sacacomie Lake and its sandy private beach – perfect for swimming or canoeing. In the hours leading up to sunset you’ll set out by ATV with a trapper to discover the beaver’s natural habitat. A national animal of Canada, beavers are famously busy creatures who cut down an average of two hundred and sixteen trees a year. Studying their dams, gnawed trees and huts you’ll learn about their way of life. Next it’s on to a wooden cabin designed for black bear viewing. Watch and wait – the thickset and imposing mammals will show themselves, eventually… Accommodations are at Hotel Sacacomie in a Suite.


Today enjoy a self-guided two and a half-hour drive from Sacacomie to Québec City. Once you’ve arrived, explore the province of Québec’s capital city on foot. Whatever you’re in the mood for, leave room for lunch AND dinner – Québec City has more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in North America! Accommodations are at Auberge Saint Antoine in a Luxe Room.

On your ninth day you will experience an expertly guided tour of Old Québec City. Discover Place d’Armes, the Latin Quarter, the Basilica, Quartier Petit Champlain and Place Royale. Walk the winding cobbled streets and hear about the lives of those who created and defended Québec City over four tumultuous centuries. Spend your afternoon at leisure soaking up the European atmosphere, Québec City is all about the art of living!


Drop off your rental car at the Québec Airport just in time for your outgoing flight. Safe travels!

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