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Is Entrée right for you?

We’re a passionate bunch. Passionate about Canada and Alaska and passionate about delighting our guests. We’re not clock punchers, we’re creators, dream fulfillers, detail maniacs and masters of logistics. We’re obsessive, we check, recheck and triple check our work. We’re team players, there’s no ‘that’s not my job’ and we check our egos at the door. We value hard work and believe in giving our guests what they never dreamed possible. In fact, our beliefs are so important to us that we’ve written them into our Purpose.


To be internationally acclaimed as the leader for personalized luxury travel experiences across Canada & Alaska.


  • We never give guests what they ask for, we give them what they never dreamed possible.
  • We share and finesse unique, safe and luxurious experiences that create memories, stories and legends.
  • Our Success depends on discovering, selecting and working closely with the most exciting collection of travel partners.
  • We create a meaningful connection between our guests, or partners, the local people and the land.
  • We are individuals, curating unique experiences, for unique guests.
  • Our premium high-touch service justifies a premium.


imaginative – innovative – passionate – discerning – thoughtful – meticulous – knowledgeable – authentic
in style



the guest



& Soul

Are you right for Entrée?

Sharing these values and beliefs is fundamental. If you also have knowledge of Canada or Alaska and a true passion for hospitality and customer service we’re off to a good start.

Available Positions

We have no current openings at this time, however we’re always on the lookout for all-stars to join our team. If you’ve got a passion for travel and think you have something to contribute, we want to hear from you! Email your resume and cover letter to

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