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Beatrice Barton

Senior Group Sales & Operation Manager

Years at Entrée: 22


As Entrée’s longest standing employee, Beatrice (aka BB) has made too much contribution to the company to even describe. Her impact is indelible and her delivery has set the standard for our reputation of excellence in operations. You want a private room for a board retreat in Whistler? Beatrice will know exactly where to suggest.  A buy-out of a luxury wilderness resort – done it.  Fly in a famous singer for a private concert? Yep.

Beatrice has operated small groups, multi-generation family reunions, board meetings and full blown incentive groups for a long list of prestigious clients. She has also operated our largest group in history, a 7-night conference for 5000 delegates. She’s quite awesome and brings 25+ years of industry experience. Outside of work, Beatrice is an avid skier and hiker; she enjoys her house in Whistler, traveling and spending time in the outdoors with her hubby.

Q & A

What are your party tricks or hidden talents?

Yodeling (I’m from Switzerland)

Do you have any phobias or weird quirks?

Omphalophobia (fear of bellybuttons, or having one’s bellybutton being touched, or witnessing someone else’s bellybutton being touched)

If you could host a dinner party for 4 other people (living or dead) who would they be?

The Seinfeld cast

What is your favorite Canadian/Alaskan destination?

Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park and Clayoquot Wilderness Resort.

Who do you look up to and why?

My parents, they taught me well, were always there for me and gave me good advice.