Alaska Northern Lights Tour

Alaska’s Northern Lights Tour: The Final Frontier

This trip focuses on two great wintertime experiences: Northern Lights viewing and ice sculpting! Because Fairbanks is closer to the highly active area over the Arctic—and because winter nights here are longer than they are to the south—the light show is often much brighter and more reliable than over other areas of Alaska. And with three nights based out of the Chena Hot Springs Resort, you’ll have three different opportunities to watch “the show”—beautiful and mysterious curtains of color ranging from green to red to purple (intensity varies from night to night). Other trip highlights include visiting a sled dog kennel and learning all about mushing, visiting the Aurora Ice Museum (and Ice Bar!), and attending the World Ice Art Championships. At night, relax in natural hot springs or in front of a roaring fire.

*Note: The World Ice Art Championships are held during the first three weeks of March, annually.



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The Route

the route

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The Itinerary

Alaska Nothern Lights Tour: The Experience of a Lifetime

Viewing the Aurora Borealis is on the bucket list of many with good reason! Alaska is one of the best places in the world to view the fabled Northern Lights due to its unique position beneath the Auroral Oval, the region that consistently has the most solar activity. Journeys here are best done from September to April, and our Northern Lights Tour via Fairbanks offers a sublime lights-based winter adventure. On this exploration, you’ll be staying at Chena Hot Springs Resort, a snow-clad haven deep in the Alaskan wilderness. This unique and comfortable accommodation offers some of the most inspiring lights-viewing in the world. Chena Hot Springs uses a caterpillar-track all-terrain vehicle to access the brow of Charlie Dome, a nearby hill, for access to the best lookout in the region. Here, you can enjoy hot beverages and the use of a heated yurt so that you can stay warm while enjoying one of the most divine sights in the world. Don’t forget to set your camera to a slow shutter-speed, views like these photograph spectacularly. At the resort, there’s plenty of winter activities to enjoy. One of the highlights is meeting some of the furrier residents at a kennel tour, or alternatively, for an authentically Alaskan experience, take a dog sled ride through the backcountry! Alternatively, you may visit the Ice Art Championships, an unrivaled ice sculpting competition. Other highlights include guided snowmobile tours, ice skating, and visits to the resort’s very own ice bar! Alaska offers a pristine landscape begging to be explored. Viewing the Aurora is never completely guaranteed, but our Alaska Northern Lights Tour puts you in the best position to view a green-hued sky and offers a sublime journey along the way. At Entrée Destinations we craft journeys that are bespoke and unforgettable, our journeys are just a taster of what is possible.

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