Grizzly Bear Viewing at Nakina River

This grizzly bear adventure is an unforgettable experience, bringing you up close and personal with nature’s beasts.  This adventure is remote, and your lodge accessible only be helicopter.  There are no barriers, fences or cages – simply a world-class bear expert guiding you to hidden pockets where the bears fish, feed and care for their young.Y our expert guide will ensure you make the
most of your time here, delivering you to remote viewing
locations where intimate viewing opportunities abound.

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The Itinerary

Day 1

Following your arrival in Whitehorse (cost of flight not included), you’ll be transferred to Atlin, BC. A short helicopter ride will deliver you to your base camp. As the sun sets, don’t be surprised if a curious bear wanders right out front of your cabin! This is true wilderness, no gates or cages here. Accommodations are at the Nakina River Base Camp in a Cabin.

Days 2-4

After a hearty breakfast, you’ll set out on daily excursions with your guide and bear expert. You’ll scale trees up to viewing platforms, where your vantage point allows for a birds-eye view of the bears as they play and hunt for fish. Riverside, curious bears may stroll by – practically in arms reach! Keep your hands to yourself, these creatures may be cute but they’re also wild! Accommodations are at the Nakina river Base Camp in a Cabin.

Day 5

After breakfast and one final bear viewing, you’ll board a return helicopter flight to Atlin, BC. From there, a short transfer will deliver you to the Whitehorse International Airport, where you’ll board your flight home. Safe travels!

The Route

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