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Grizzly Bear Viewing At Nakina River


$5,182 (APPROX $3,761 USD)

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Nakina River, a bear-viewing paradise:

Have you ever been so close to a grizzly bear that you can hear its footsteps? If you want to head off the beaten trail and into bear country, this journey is for you. Located deep in the backcountry, Nakina River is a nature-lovers paradise. Featuring stunning views of the Taku Wilderness, you’ll arrive at the lodge by helicopter, an exhilarating experience that will set the tone for the rest of your trip. Your days will be filled watching the bears of Nakina River fish for salmon and interact with each other. A natural adventure through and through, you may even get arms-distance from the furry creatures — there are no fences here! It’s not uncommon for our guests to see wolves, caribou, moose, and even wolverine! Who knows what you might see? With a variety of riverside viewing locations, cozy cabin accommodation, and one of the best guide-to-guest ratios around, this tour is awesome in every sense of the word.

Visiting Nakina River with Entrée Destinations:

Whether it’s our private transfers, our top partners on the ground, or our intimate knowledge of the Canadian landscape, with Entrée Destinations, you’ll enjoy an effortless travel experience with a first-class level of service. Our itineraries are created from the ground up to your unique preferences. Want to see the spirit bears of the Great Bear Rainforest after your stay at Nakina River? We know just the place. Also interested in snorkeling the great salmon run? We do it all the time! Our region is yours to explore as you please and we are here to make it happen. Additionally, even in the depths of the wilderness, with our 24/7 travel support we are always by your side. Download the full itinerary to find out more, it’s a taster of what is possible.

*Please note the price listed is an estimate, based on the availability of room types and all service providers. Please also note gratuities are not included.

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The Route

The Entrée Difference

Safety: Your safety is our top priority. We handpick our transportation providers, guides and suppliers to meet the highest safety standards in the industry.

Buyer Protection: Entrée Destinations is licensed as a provider of travel services and our guests are protected by the travel assurance fund administered by the BC Consumer Protection Agency.

24/7 Support: We’re behind the scenes, monitoring every leg of your trip. You will have one dedicated point of contact throughout your journey, available for everything from dinner reservations to last-minute itinerary changes.

Love & Care: Thoughtfulness and care are in our DNA. We plan and operate our trips as if they were for our own families. We’re here to serve you.

The Itinerary


Following your arrival in Whitehorse (cost of flight not included), you’ll be transferred to Atlin, BC. A short helicopter ride will deliver you to your base camp. As the sun sets, don’t be surprised if a curious bear wanders right out front of your cabin! This is true wilderness, no gates or cages here. Accommodations are at the T’á ish Adventures Camp.


After a hearty breakfast, you’ll set out on daily excursions with your guide and bear expert. You’ll scale trees up to viewing platforms, where your vantage point allows for a birds-eye view of the bears as they play and hunt for fish. Riverside, curious bears may stroll by – practically in arms reach! Keep your hands to yourself, these creatures may be cute but they’re also wild! Accommodations are at the T’á ish Adventures Camp.


After breakfast and one final bear viewing, you’ll board a return helicopter flight to Atlin, BC. From there, a short transfer will deliver you to the Whitehorse International Airport, where you’ll board your flight home. Safe travels!

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