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If there’s one way that’s guaranteed to showcase what’s great about our corner of North America, it’s a visit to some of the finest lodges on earth. Featuring untouched backcountry and mind-blowing wildlife experiences, these natural sanctuaries are more than just a place to stay, they’re a place to really live. Read on for inspiring havens built in expansive landscapes.

Finest Lodges in Canada – Nimmo Bay Wilderness Lodge:

Located deep within the Great Bear Rainforest, Nimmo Bay is home to one of the finest lodges in Canada. This mini eco-resort has a low impact on the environment and a big impact on your heart. On a visit here, you’ll stay in an inter-tidal cabin, a cozy refuge overlooking the beautiful bay. From your cabin, you can hear the rush of the nearby waterfall that provides power to the lodge, and you’ll be able to feel the tide rise and fall beneath your feet – experiencing nature has never been so effortless.

Finest lodges: lodges on the river in the forest.

Nimmo Bay is hidden in the depths of the Great Bear Rainforest.

There is no typical day at Nimmo Bay, all activities are tailored to your personal preferences. If hiking is your scene then one of your experienced guides can take you out for a day where you’ll see ample nature and no other humans. Alternatively, if you would like to see more of BC’s waterways, hop in Nimmo’s jet black motorboat to speed around like a Bond villain. Days on the water often feature pods of dolphin, breaching humpback whales and glimpses of bears beachcombing on the shore. If you fancy venturing deep into the backcountry from the air, take off from Nimmo Bay’s helipad and explore the expansive Great Bear Rainforest with some extremely knowledgeable guides. Popular activities include picnics on glaciers and heli-fly-fishing – BC is yours to explore, and you’ll often find yourself in sensational locations in complete seclusion. Other activities include; paddleboarding, kayaking, wilderness-picnics accessed by helicopter and more! Just fancy relaxing? No problem! Spend some time at the floating sauna where “nurture meets nature”. In the evenings, you may kick back by the floating fire dock, play pool, poker, or just hang out in your homely lodge. Visits to Nimmo Bay are nothing short of spectacular and are always tailored just for you. Curious? Read our Nimmo Bay Getaway itinerary for a full outline of inspiration.

Finest lodges: a dreamy spa by a waterfall in the forest.

Nimmo Bay’s forest spa.

Finest Lodges in Canada – CMH Cariboos:

If you like hiking, you’ll love CMH Cariboos! A hideaway in the depths of the Canadian Rockies that’s only accessible by helicopter, this is one of our finest lodges. You can expect chalet-style comfort with a cozy atmosphere and an outstanding view. Amenities include a hot tub, a climbing room, a sauna, massage therapy, a music room and even an outdoor swimming pond! At the lodge you can enjoy lavish comforts, but it’s the surrounding landscape that will take your visit to new peaks.

Finest lodges: a mountain chalet with blue skies.

CMH Cariboos is a mountaintop chalet with a European feel. Credit: CMH Cariboos & Tyler Parker

In the summer, CMH Cariboos is a heli-hiking lodge first and foremost. Each day you’ll venture out with a highly-qualified guide and your group of fellow visitors. Groups are chosen by ability, so you’ll be walking at a speed that’s right for you. Whether you’d like to experience thrilling Via Ferrata climbs up towering peaks or enjoy the alpine air picnicking in idyllic mountain meadows, the helicopter access ensures that there’s terrain for every disposition. The lodge caters to everyone from children to grandparents, so this altitude retreat is a delightful option for family travelers. For those that want to escape the crowds and are looking for an authentic Canadian Rockies lodge experience, this is for you.

Finest lodges: man climbs mountain next to waterfall.

An exhilarating climb via Ferrata. Credit: CMH Cariboos & Robin O’Neill.

Finest Lodges in Canada – Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge:

One of the finest lodges in the world, and north of the arctic circle – Arctic Watch puts the wild in wilderness. Situated on Somerset Island, this collection of eco-friendly northern lodges is utterly unique. An otherwise inhospitable landscape, on a visit to Arctic Watch you could spend days walking the surrounding area without seeing another soul. Each room at the lodge features a marine toilet, and there’s a comfortable living and social area with a coffee bar – complete luxuries in these northern latitudes.

Finest lodges: white lodge in the Arctic with a helicopter flying overhead.

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge offers luxury far north of the Arctic Circle.

The lodge is located just a kilometer from Cunningham Inlet, one of the world’s most populated beluga whale sanctuaries. Visits watching these playful mammals are best enjoyed from an unintrusive paddleboard or kayak. If you’re lucky, you may be able to get up close, beluga whales are inherently curious creatures. Other activities in the area include guided hikes to see muskox, Arctic fox, and other mammals of the extreme north. If you’re lucky you may even see some polar bears! Experiences here are legendary in the expedition world, and to find out more about this lodge have a read of our blog, The Spectacular Somerset Island.

Finest lodges: beluga whale jumping from the water.

Paddleboarding with beluga whales is an unforgettable moment.

Finest Lodges in Alaska – Sheldon Chalet:

Located in the depths of Alaska’s best-known park, Sheldon Chalet is a luxury lodge with a unique history, it’s built on the biggest mountain in North America, Denali! Overlooking the Don Sheldon Amphitheatre, this lavish mountain getaway is easily one of the most remote lodges in the world. Access to Chalet is granted via a short light-aircraft flight from Talkeetna when you’ll be offered panoramic views of the Alaska range as you ascend to your destination. This flight grants a sense of amazement at the engineering feat it must have been to build such a luxurious retreat in one of the world’s most remote settings.

Finest lodges: cozy living room in a mountaintop chalet.

Cozy nights by the fire at Sheldon Chalet.

Nothing else at 6000 feet elevation compares to the comforts of Sheldon Chalet. There’s a sauna, a firepit, a wrap-around hammock, and a meticulously furnished interior. The hexagonal structure is designed to draw attention to the surrounding landscape which flows in through the expansive windows. Sheldon Chalet also comes complete with its own gourmet chef Dave Thorne, who has cooked for such A-listers as President Obama, Neil Young and Justin Timberlake. Activities at the lodge include an introduction to mountaineering, glacier exploring, snowshoeing, and some of the most other-worldly picnics around. Due to its altitude and position under the troposphere, it’s also one of the finest lodges in the world to view the Aurora Borealis! For a slice of paradise in the wilderness, Sheldon Chalet offers an unrivaled experience in spectacular seclusion. Have a read of our Luxury Mountain Retreat itinerary to find out more.

Finest lodges: remote lodge in the mountains.

Sheldon Chalet is one of the world’s most remote lodges.

Finest Lodges in Alaska – Tordrillo Mountain Lodge:

Located at the foot of the Alaska Mountain Range, Tordrillo is a unique group of lodges with views overlooking the pristine Judd Lake. Think big-timber beams, roaring fires, and lavish chalet-style decor. The lodge takes food seriously, and they claim to offer a “gourmet gastronomical experience” serving anything from melted-cheese raclette to sushi-lined skis.

Finest lodges: lodge by the lake in Alaska with the mountains in the background.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge on the shore of Judd Lake, an idyllic spot for watersports.

In the summer, the activities on offer are endless and they start in the backyard. You can fly-fish from Tordrillo’s dock, or take to the lake on water-skis, paddleboards, wakeboards, foil boards, and pretty much any kind of board, no experience necessary. A heli-lodge at its heart, take to the skies and experience access to phenomenal mountain activities. Options include heli hiking, sky trekking, heli rafting, heli biking, heli fishing, and more! Experiences here are completely tailored, if you can dream it, our team of travel specialists will endeavor to make it happen. Read our Tordrillo Mountain Lodge Getaway itinerary for an idea of what you can expect.

Finest lodges: hot tub in front of a lake with a float plane going by.

Tordrillo Mountain Lodge has one of the best hot tubs.

The finest lodges in Canada & Alaska:

Our corner of North America is home to some of the finest lodges in the world. Experiences with Entrée Destinations are completely customized, and we pride ourselves on offering our guests itineraries that are bespoke and unforgettable. To find out more about any of the trips above, fill out our short Plan Your Trip Form, or call us toll-free on 1-888-999-6556