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Epic Winter Adventures: A Journey Through the Northwest Territories 

In the icy embrace of the Northwest Territories, a winter tale unfolds—a journey into a land where frost-kissed landscapes meet ancient traditions, where the skies dance with the mystical northern lights, and where nature paints an ever-evolving canvas of wonder. Over nine days, we’re inviting you to traverse the high North, from Yellowknife’s warm welcome to the ethereal vistas of Blachford Lake Lodge, the cultural richness of Inuvik, and the Arctic thrills of Tuktoyaktuk.

Yellowknife: Your Gateway to the North 

Welcome to Yellowknife! Here, the Explorer Hotel awaits, providing warmth and comfort against the Arctic cold. Upon arrival, a package of cozy winter attire sets the tone for an immersive winter adventure.

Blachford Lake Lodge: Celestial Serenades under the Northern Lights

After a restful night in Yellowknife, a ski plane whisks you away to Blachford Lake Lodge—a remote haven perched amidst rolling hills and overlooking a frozen lake. Here, silence reigns supreme, and the magnificent dance of the northern lights illuminates the night skies. The lodge’s rooftop hot tub offers you a front-row seat to this mesmerizing spectacle, while the library beckons with tales of Northern traditions.

Immersive Wilderness at Blachford Lake

Days at Blachford Lake Lodge are a celebration of the Arctic wilderness. Embrace the tranquility by fat biking through snowy trails, gliding gracefully on skis or snowshoes amidst the silent boreal forest, and engaging in the slow art of ice fishing.

The lodge’s remote location means it’s free of light pollution, providing its guests ample opportunities to witness the northern lights. For photography enthusiasts, lessons in capturing the auroras and the pristine landscapes are offered, ensuring unforgettable snapshots of the Arctic’s beauty.

Inuvik: Embracing Arctic Traditions

Next, you’ll embark on a journey to Inuvik, traversing the captivating Ice Highway where snow-draped landscapes and the majestic Richardson Mountains unfold before your eyes. Spanning 117 kilometers, this scenic highway winds over dozens of frozen lakes, extending its icy route all the way to the Arctic Ocean.

Experience the cultural richness of Okpik Arctic Village where you’ll connect with a revered local Elder, discover the ancient art of crafting igloos and savor a taste of tradition with Muktuk—a delicacy made of whale skin and blubber, cherished in Inuit culture. Explore traplines and gain insight into the Inuvialuit way of life, learning firsthand about their harmonious connection with the land and their time-honored practices of survival.

Tuktoyaktuk: Arctic Thrills

Tuktoyaktuk, nestled in Canada’s far north, is a remote and picturesque hamlet situated on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Known affectionately as “Tuk” by locals, this community offers an authentic glimpse into Arctic life. With its unique location and rugged beauty, Tuktoyaktuk boasts endless horizons of icy landscapes, raised pingos, and vast stretches of snow-covered terrain. Here, the thrill of dogsledding and snowmobiling amidst the Arctic’s vast frozen expanses awaits. A return via the Mackenzie Valley Highway unveils the beauty of the Arctic’s dramatic vistas.  

Yellowknife Farewell

Back in Yellowknife, the adventure’s end is near, but your exploration isn’t over yet. Discover Yellowknife’s burgeoning food scene, visit local galleries or snowshoe local trails – the choice is yours.

Final Moments in the Northwest Territories

As your journey concludes the following day, savor a final breakfast at the Explorer Hotel before departing for the airport.  The memories from your Arctic adventure, framed by stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, become treasured stories—the true essence of an unforgettable expedition.

To learn more about our Northwest Territories Winter journey, click here, or start planning your trip with one of our travel experts.