Polar Bear Great Ice Bear Tour

This trip is perfect for anyone who has ever dreamed of viewing polar bears in the wild. Dymond Lake Lodge is Canada’s most exclusive polar bear viewing property, a place where you’re as likely to see the beautiful “Ice Bears” in your camp as you are on guided, informative tundra treks. Along with your hosts, the Reimer family, your guides will regale you with tales of life and adventures in Canada’s Arctic.


  • Accommodations at the modern Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel, and one-of-a-kind, fly-in only Dymond Lake Lodge.
  • Embarking on one of the world’s greatest and unique safaris led by elite wilderness specialists.
  • Getting up close and personal with the lord of the Arctic—the mighty polar bear!
  • Lunch with the bears on a thrilling tundra buggy adventure.

The Route


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