Polar Bear Photo Shoot Safari

This trip includes four nights at a fly-in only lodge located in the heart of polar bear country during prime viewing season—when polar bears congregate in large numbers along the coast of the Hudson Bay as they wait for the bay to freeze so they can begin their annual hunt. It has been designed to provide discerning photographers ground level opportunities to shoot polar bears, caribou, Arctic fox, and other wildlife in an untrammeled setting. Your photos will truly reflect the beauty of the wildlife and their surroundings. This entire polar bear viewing expedition is on foot and in the wild…no large buggies or buses required, this is intimate, eco-friendly, and a life-changing experience.


  • Accommodations at the modern Grand Winnipeg Airport Hotel, and one-of-a-kind, fly-in only Seal River Heritage Lodge.
  • Embarking on one of the world’s greatest and unique safaris led by elite wilderness specialists.
  • Getting up close and personal with the lord of the Arctic—the mighty polar bear!

The Route


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