Crystal Creek Lodge Adventure

This trip is a flightseeing adventure featuring a full stay at world-class Crystal Creek Lodge. This Bristol Bay area fishing and adventure lodge, located 5-miles east of King Salmon, is an award-winning Orvis endorsed lodge, consistently demonstrating its exceptional fishing, facilities, and commitment to excellence in service. This unforgettable journey will have you up close and personal with the local residents—both wild and human. Learn about the topography of this diverse region, the history and various cultures of its people, beachcomb, and explore dramatic landscapes as you soar over the “land of dreams”.

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The Itinerary

Day 1

Today, you will fly from Anchorage International Airport to King Salmon Airport. Upon your afternoon arrival, you will be transferred to Crystal Creek Lodge. Accommodations are in a Lodge Room.

Day 2

Your first day at the lodge will start off with a Katmai Coast Bear Viewing Tour. In the month of June, the bears of the Alaska Peninsula bide their time as they await the influx of Bristol Bay salmon by feeding on the shores of the Shelikof Strait. They feed by grazing on fresh grass shoots, digging for clams, and combing the beach for carrion. Accommodations are at Crystal Creek Lodge, in a Lodge Room.

Day 3

Enjoy a tour of the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge. The Becharof Lake on the Alaska Peninsula is the second largest lake in the state. Due to its span of almost the entire width of the peninsula, it has been a transition course between the ancient people of Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island for thousands of years. Accommodations are at Crystal Creek Lodge, in a Lodge Room.

Day 4

Take a nice walk along the shoreline of Bristol Bay, a great place to enjoy beachcombing. A real treasure to find is the round, hand-blown glass floats used by Japanese fishing vessels 30-75 years ago. After flying across the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge and along the Pacific Coast, the Aniakchak volcano is the ultimate goal by wheeled plane. In a state known for isolated areas, this region is one of the most rugged, remote, and beautiful. Accommodations are at Crystal Creek Lodge, in a Lodge Room.

Day 5

On your final day at the lodge, you will be taken to Togiak Village on Bristol Bay for a tour of the village and the Yup’ik culture. Most residents are fluent in the Yup’ik language and some of the village elders speak little English. The flight to Togiak is one hour each direction and includes an interpretive tour of the spectacularly beautiful maritime shores of the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Numerous informational tools are available for this fascinating slice of Alaska. Accommodations are at Crystal Creek Lodge, in a Lodge Room.

Day 6

This morning you will be transferred to the King Salmon Airport for your outbound flight to Anchorage. Safe travels!

The Route


AK-Crystal Creek