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Floating in the cool clear water, you’re slowly pulled downriver by the gentle current. Beneath the surface, the rhythm of your breath calms the adrenalin that reverberates through you. The scene enveloping your mask is surreal. A torrent of shimmering scaled fish flicker alongside your wetsuit; pushing their way upstream with frenzied purpose and deep-rooted determination. After 18-months in open ocean the salmon are returning home to their birthplace to procreate and continue the circle of life. It’s a peculiarly magical underwater world you’re witnessing. Welcome to the Pacific salmon run. This is next-level snorkeling, Canadian-style.

Salmon Capital of the World

Campbell River, on the eastern shore of B.C.’s Vancouver Island, is a wilderness wonderland and hotspot for anglers. Home to all five Pacific species, the temperate coastal city is touted as the Salmon Capital of the World, thanks to its prolific fishing opportunities and commitment to ongoing conservation. From late-July through early September the Campbell River teems with thousands of spawning salmon. Embarking on a guided snorkeling experience provides a unique and immersive opportunity to observe these curious creatures in their natural habitat.

Expertly Guided Rafting Adventure

Led by a local guide, your three-hour adventure begins by raft, where you’ll learn about the salmon’s lifecycle and view a myriad of fervent fish flapping in the crystal water below. Once you’ve summoned the courage, don a wetsuit, mask, fins and snorkel, and slip into the river to swim amidst the controlled chaos. Throughout your journey, keep a watch for wildlife along the shoreline, as black bear, beaver, weasel and deer have been known to make appearances. The river’s abundant fresh catch also makes it a popular spot for eagles and seabirds, like the Great Blue Heron and Kingfisher.

Thoughtfully Curated Adventures

Campbell River is the gateway to northern Vancouver Island’s remote wilderness and there’s a plethora of eco and adventure experiences awaiting your discovery. From private grizzly bear and whale watching safaris, to luxury fly-in fishing lodges and scenic paddling expeditions, our knowledgeable team will design a bespoke journey, meticulously crafted to your personal style and desires.