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Alberta is an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca, and our itinerary serves up a variety of adventures in a spectacular setting. From e-biking in Kananaskis and Jasper National Park to picnicking lakeside in the shadow of towering mountain peaks, you’ll feel both exhilarated and renewed. Connections with the land occur at every turn, whether it’s through a traditional guided medicine walk in the forest, marveling at Jasper’s dark sky preserve, or hiking around the turquoise waters of Maligne Lake.

Many travelers are familiar with the soaring mountains, lush valleys, and impressive wildlife in Alberta – but it’s the people that are at the heart of Wild Rose Country.

People like Len, a cattle rancher who will take you for a ride in his truck as you tour his property, viewing his white bison herd. Or Tam, an organic farmer who, over samples of radicchio, will share with you the story behind her family’s farm – before delivering you to a longtable al fresco lunch in the forest. And of course, people like Lily-Rose, a Métis Elder and Knowledge-Keeper, who opens her heart to guests and shares her life story while feeding you bannock in a traditional cabin.

We love Alberta because it connects you. To the land, and to the people within it. You’ll leave Alberta forever changed, the dramatic vistas leaving an imprint in your mind, and the people you meet touching your soul.

Stay tuned for January 2022 when you can experience the allure of Alberta for yourself!