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There’s a charming dichotomy between Québec’s trendy and vibrant cities and its remote wilderness of La Mauricie National Park, not often visited by travelers. Culture was born in Montreal, and as you visit everything from museums and graffiti art installations to a micro coffee roastery, you’ll finally understand why. You’ll feel invigorated by the rhythm of the city, it’s pulse quickening your step and making you feel alive.

Access hard-to-reach-places by private seaplanes that take you deep into Québec’s backcountry. Here, the hum of the city is a distant memory and the connection to Canada’s explorers, fishers, and gatherers runs deep. There’s a sense of tranquility here that slows your breath, reminding you to stop and take it all in. The countryside showcases French Canada at its finest, as you catch snippets of French conversation without a speck of English audible.

We love Québec because it awakens you. Those who are familiar with Québec will experience a whole other side of La Belle Province, catching them delightfully off-guard. And first-timers? Prepare to fall in love.

Stay tuned for January 2022 when you can book the magic of Québec for yourself!