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It’s around this time of year that our phones begin to ring off the hook with people from across the globe looking to plan a trip to Canada or Alaska. Because top destinations continue to be in high demand, we’ve curated a selection of tips that will help kickstart your planning process and secure that all-important unforgettable journey. 

1. Book early

If you’re looking to visit Canada or Alaska during their most popular times, especially in showstopping locations such as the Rocky Mountains, Denali National Park, or Whistler, then you should get in touch soon. The best rooms and hotels sell out fast. Trust us, when you’re sitting at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise on your private balcony looking up at the valley, you’ll be glad you made the early call to a specialist! If you’re thinking of coming to Canada or Alaska, this should be a number one priority.

Plan a trip to Canada or Alaska

Rooms overlooking Lake Louise like this one sell out fast!

2. Book smart 

If you’re open to traveling outside of the peak season, you may find that you have more options at better rates. Particularly when it comes to the more popular locations, this can be an excellent way to find a peaceful journey with plenty of privacy. For instance, our Rockies to the greenest city tour incorporates the best of the famous Rocky Mountaineer train route at a much quieter time of year for guaranteed bliss.

Plan a trip to Canada or Alaska

The Rocky Mountaineer is a first-class way to see the Canadian Rockies! Credit: Rocky Mountaineer & Noel Hendrickson.

3. Be aware of the climate

Depending on the time of year, the weather in our corner of North America can be as wild as the landscape itself. Western Canada and Alaska see a lot of rainfall and Eastern Canada can get very cold in the winter. These aren’t drawbacks by any means, this climate is an integral part of our region, but the weather can affect what is available. For instance, for activities such as skiing and northern lights viewing, seasonal timing is crucial. Additionally, for wildlife, visiting during the salmon run in the fall can result in some spectacular bear-watching. Canada and Alaska are home to some pretty intense weather systems, and with the right planning, they could complete your adventure! To ensure that you’re forecast a superbly planned trip, get in touch with our team for all of the vital information.

Plan a trip to Canada or Alaska

There aren’t many sights that are as magical as a lone spirit bear in the forest. Credit: Destination BC & Yuri Choufour.

4. Consult with a travel specialist

You may have a strong idea for what you would like to do, and that’s great! To elevate your journey to the next level, talk with our specialists for insider knowledge on the finest hotels, adventures, and destinations. With our 25 years of experience creating first-rate tours, who knows where you might go? From recommending heli-hiking in the Rockies for outdoors enthusiasts to yoga retreats in the Great Bear Rainforest for chill-seekers, we know how to raise the bar in a way that’s just your speed. You might like our luxury travel ideas blog for inspiration, it’s a taster of what is possible! 

Plan a trip to Canada or Alaska

A whale-watching experience off the coast of Vancouver Island is a serene way to view BC. Credit: Destination BC & Reuben Krabbe.

Are you interested in hearing more?

If you’re going to plan a trip to Canada or Alaska, you only need one contact number. Whether you’re planning a family trip, a group tour, or something a little more private, Entrée Destinations can deliver an outstanding adventure. With a start-to-finish service, we build our tours from the ground up to your unique preferences. We also offer 24/7 travel support — we are always by your side! Are you interested in booking a trip or just have a few questions? Fill out our quick Plan Your Trip form to get started.