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If you’re looking for helpful booking guidelines and some destination-inspiration for customized luxury group tours to Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re thinking of doing a multigenerational trip with your family or a corporate retreat for your team, our region has something for every group. All our experiences are tailored to the specific needs of your party, these journeys are but a taster of what is available. Read on and enjoy our group travel guide for 2020!

Luxury group tours to Canada

Heli-hiking in the Canadian Rockies is one of our favorite luxury group tours to Canada! Credit: CMH Cariboos & Jesse Tamayo

If you’re planning a multigenerational group tour:

Multigenerational trips are a brilliant way to get the family together in a spectacular new setting. Perhaps you’ve got a big birthday to celebrate or maybe it’s a family reunion, nothing marks the occasion with so much quality bonding time like group travel does. Keeping every generation entertained can sometimes feel like a complex endeavor, but not here. Luxury group tours to Canada effortlessly provide both private family time and activities for all ages. Here are just a few options…

Luxury group tours to Canada

Family reunions are made extra-special with a campfire under the stars.

A wilderness resort in wild BC:
  • Why: Our top pick for teens, your young adults will have no difficulty forgetting about their screens here. With captivating experiences such as watching grizzly bears catch salmon or paddleboarding with dolphins, any visit to the Broughton Archipelago all but guarantees unforgettable family memories. With other options such as wild spas and fine-dining, there are some really accommodating activities. 
  • When to go: With so many phenomenal experiences in nature, we recommend visiting in summer when the climate is warmest. Early fall can be a great time to visit too since the autumnal-hues look spectacular here, but there is a higher chance of rain.
  • When to book: the premium resorts in this region fill up well in advance, so we recommend giving us a call 6-9 months before your intended travel dates.
  • Most memorable experience: relaxing in a floating sauna on the picturesque waterways of BC! You can read more about this wilderness resort here.
A tailored group tour to Whistler BC:
  • Why: a short 2-hour private transfer north of Vancouver Airport, this town is an alpine-paradise for families. With so many private villa options and so much to do, you really can cater for all tastes here. For a journey that’s fantastically varied, we recommend combining your trip to Whistler with some time in Vancouver. From the bustle of downtown to the peace of the mountains, there’s a bit of everything here.
  • Whistler in the summer: with alpine hiking, four world-class golf courses and a plethora of sightseeing and dining activities, families will be thrilled with all the things you can do in Whistler in the summer
  • Whistler in the winter: If you like snowsports then we highly recommend coming in the winter – it’s the biggest ski resort in North America and there are some stunning vacation rentals that are perfect for families! Have a read of our blog on a day in the life on a luxury ski vacation to Whistler for further inspiration. 
  • When to book: Accommodation in Whistler is in high demand so we recommend enquiring at least 6-months in advance. There are some great-value early booking rates that are worth taking advantage of, you can get in touch for the details.
  • Most memorable experience: Taking a trip in the longest unsuspended gondola in the world, the Peak2Peak. With panoramic views of the valley, this journey from one mountain to the next is thrilling!
Experience the Canadian Rockies:
  • Why: Canada’s Rocky Mountains are a must-see for many of our guests. Filled with jagged peaks and UNESCO World Heritage sites, you can enjoy activities in nature such as bear-viewing, hiking, and sightseeing. When it comes to accommodation, you can expect luxury resorts, timber-framed chalets and some of Canada’s most famous five-star hotels. Other highlights in the area include quintessentially Canadian vistas such as; Banff, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake. 
  • When to go: The weather is best in the summer, but late spring and early-fall can have some very pleasant days. There are also a number of world-class ski resorts that snowsport enthusiasts may enjoy in the winter.
  • When to book: High-end accommodation in this region books up fast so we recommend enquiring at least 6-9 months in advance.
  • Most memorable experience: Paddling the ever-iconic Lake Louise in an open canoe is just about as Canadian as it gets! Alternatively, if you prefer to have your feet on solid ground, there are some very pleasant trails around the lake. If this sounds like an experience that your group would enjoy then you may be interested in our Rockies Family Adventure journey.

If you’re planning a corporate retreat:

Nothing brings teams closer together like luxury group tours to Canada do. Whether you want to delve deep into the wilderness of BC or relax in the style of Vancouver, there’s a corporate retreat that’s right for every company. From team-building journeys to incentive travel groups, treat your employees with a trip they’ll talk about for years to come.

Luxury group tours to Canada

Wow your team with a company retreat they’ll never forget! Credit: Travel Alberta.

A corporate retreat to the Great Bear Rainforest:
  • Why: This luxury resort is one of several in the Great Bear Rainforest. This expansive refuge has a large capacity that can be tailored for an intimate atmosphere where your team will flourish. With whale watching, bear watching, hiking and time at the spa all on offer, there’s plenty that your company can enjoy together.
  • When to go: Summer is a great time to go due to having the best weather, but some of the finest bear watching can be found during the great salmon run in September through October.
  • When to book: For larger groups, we recommend giving us a call 6-9 months before you plan to travel to ensure capacity. 
  • Most memorable experience: Viewing grizzly bears gorging on salmon at the end of the season before winter is one of the natural world’s greatest sights, and if you’re lucky you can get extremely close here!
A Vancouver corporate retreat:
  • Why: Often referred to as The Greenest City, Vancouver is a luscious haven nestled between the ocean and mountains. It’s an idyllic place and the diversity of activities on offer is quite remarkable. From private foodie tours of Granville Island, a local’s favorite, to having breakfast with bears (seriously, ask us about it!) at the top of Grouse Mountain, there’s something here for every team to bond over.
  • When to go: Late-spring, summer, and early fall tend to see the most sunshine, perfect if you want to make the most of the beach and outdoor activities. Alternatively, a visit in winter can have your team taking skiing lessons in the morning followed by rooftop drinks in the afternoon.
  • When to book: Vancouver is a popular destination in the summer and we recommend calling at least 6-months in advance to ensure hotel availability for larger groups.
  • Most memorable experience: Viewing the waterfalls in the alpine Lyn Canyon in the morning followed by drinks on a patio by the beach in the afternoon is just about as Vancouver as it gets! Read our Vancouver vacations blog to find out more.

Luxury group tours to Canada for niche interests:

We are innovators at heart and if you would like to put together a trip that incorporates a special interest or theme, we would love to accommodate! So much is possible in Canada’s diverse landscape. Here are just a few ideas that we’ve come across over the years, welcome to our “give us an idea and lets run with it” attitude! 

Luxury group tours to Canada

Are you a group of yogis? There are luxury group tours to Canada for that!

  • Perhaps your group are petrolheads that would be eager to drive a high-end Porsche down the backcountry logging roads of BC? Alternatively, renting out a private racetrack on Vancouver Island could be for you.
  • If your group has a passion for fishing then cast a line for our angling-utopia! Whether you’d like to pursue the Great Salmon Run, go heli-fishing in remote BC, or fish for monster-sized Northern Pike in the Northwest Territories, you can catch a prize haul on luxury group tours to Canada.
  • If your group are keen horticulturalists with a hankering for European charm then French Quebec could be for you! A fine option for those with a keen interest in architecture and history, you can find some of the oldest settlements in Canada with the cobbled streets to match.
  • For keen golfers, the picturesque beach-side courses of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia offer an experience that even the most prestigious of courses will struggle to live up to.

Some tips from our group travel specialists:

When you’re working with Entrée Destinations’ group-travel department, you’ll always know who’s looking after you. Our team has years of experience running group tours, so their travel tips are worth a read! You can find out more about our group travel specialists here.

Darya: “One of my top recommendations for people thinking about group travel to Canada would be to keep an open mind! There is just so much out there and myself & BB know some real hidden gems that could be perfect for your trip that you may not have thought of. It really is a delight!”

Beatrice (aka BB): “My advice to people looking to travel as a group would be to get firm dates together of when you know people are available. Once you’ve got these confirmed and you know what time you have to work with you’re all set to start planning!” 

Luxury group tours to Canada:

Whether you have a niché passion, a family reunion, or you want to treat your team, there are luxury group tours to Canada for that. Here, you can find city-delights and remote-gems, and with Entrée Destinations, you can explore them in a large group like clockwork. Our start-to-finish service covers all the details, leaving you to focus on what’s important. Check out our group travel information to find out more, or fill out our quick Plan Your Trip form to carry on the conversation – we would love to hear from you!

Luxury group tours to Canada

Booking out a mountain-chalet ensures a slice of private luxury in the wilderness. Credit: Destination BC & Dave Heath.