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While most travelers associate exotic trips with swaying palm trees, foreign languages and maybe a camel or two – we’d like to re-introduce you to the exotic, a little closer to home. We’ve developed a collection of Alaskan experiences from mild to wild, showcasing the great state of Alaska in all its glory.

Journey into Kenai Fjords National Park, home to steep moss-covered Fjords emerging from still waters. Witness our Big Five (grizzly bear, Dall’s sheep, bald eagle, moose and wolf) roaming freely in the shadow of soaring Denali. Paddle your kayak alongside orca or humpback whales or take to iceberg-laden glacier lakes with chunks of ice calving the frigid waters below.

Whether you’re adventurous to the bone, seeking relaxation or simply need to get away – Alaska gives you just that. Find something liberating in the wild, wide-open spaces of The Last Frontier.


National Parks

With 17 National Parks in the State, Alaska is a lot of things – but crowded isn’t one of them. If you add National Parks to your bucket list the way some people collect stamps, then you deserve an epic Odyssey. Featuring eight National Parks over a total of nineteen days, our National Parks Odyssey takes travelers from the high peaks of famed Denali to the sand dunes of the lesser-known Kobuk Valley National Park, with plenty in between.

If you’re pressed for time, our ten-day National Parks Adventure rounds up highlights from a few of our favorite National Parks, including a flightseeing tour over Denali, a lagoon paddle in Kenai Fjords National Park and a ride aboard Alaska Railroad’s Coastal Classic Dome Train with GoldStar service.

Family Travel

With endless adventures, stunning scenery and serene wellness opportunities, Alaska’s remote wilderness lodges offer something for the entire family – whether you’re seven or seventy-seven!

Hiking, fishing, rafting and boating are perfect for those family members looking for quintessential Alaskan adventures, while those seeking a slower pace will appreciate soaking up the views from lodge decks or in a hot tub, glass of wine in hand. Adrenaline junkies will be satiated with helicopter-facilitated excursions to far-flung corners and everyone will delight in daily gourmet fare at mealtimes. This (and more) is what happens during our Edge of Wilderness Retreat.

Southeast Alaska’s waterways offer endless marine exploration and activities. Kids (and kids at heart!) will love kayaking alongside icebergs, and adults will appreciate the serenity that Prince of Wales Island delivers on our Southeast Alaska Lodge Exploration.

Far Away Luxury

Imagine yourself on a glacier, deep in Denali National Park. No tent or provisional supplies, because your luxury chalet is a mere stone’s throw from where you stand. If you look up at just the right time, you can see the Aurora Borealis as it dances across the night sky. This isn’t a dream, it’s Alaskan Aurora at the Chalet.

Remote destinations and luxurious accommodations come in all shapes and sizes, but we believe one of the best ways to explore Alaska is by yacht.  Cruise through hard-to-access waterways, deftly navigated by your expert captain at the helm. Meals are a gourmet affair with your own private chef, waiting in the wings to whip up whatever craving comes your way. An Alaska Yacht Charter is best paired with a stay at a remote wilderness lodge, ensuring you get the best of Alaska on land and at sea.

Why Alaska

Travel can transform, renew and inspire, unlocking a world that you may have not known first-hand. What if you could have it all, a domestic flight away?  You can, in the vast and diverse state of Alaska. No lines and no crowds, just untouched wilderness – and all the space and time to disconnect with your loved ones.