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Time spent with loved ones is nourishing for the soul. Shared experiences foster meaningful connections that bridge gaps created by age, distance and interests. The result? Lifelong memories for every generation.

From designing monumental milestones celebrated with extended family, to curating elaborate reunions with all of the relations, our seasoned team of industry professionals are experts at meticulously crafting personalized journeys that surprise and delight. We love the details and will handle every aspect of your adventure with the utmost care, to ensure that your focus is where it should be – connecting with the most important people in your life.

While the needs and wants of your family are as unique and special as its members, here are two multi-generational adventures we’ve curated for past guests to inspire your sense of wanderlust.

Wowed by Wilderness
For families looking to unplug and unwind, a faraway wilderness lodge provides the perfect setting for multi-age play. One of the largest groups we’ve designed for is a family of 79, travelling from five cities, with half of the guests’ children ages two-months to 16 years. Every detail – from private coaches and airport transfers to the chartered seaplanes and helicopters required to fly from Vancouver to the remote island property – was handled by our team of experts. The luxury wilderness lodge selected was reserved exclusively for the reunion, with each day’s experiences and activities meticulously planned to suit the ages, abilities and interests of the family. Daily guided adventures included salmon-fishing, kayaking and eco-sightseeing. Additional on-property activities such as hiking, mountain biking and fly-fishing were also enjoyed at leisure.

Canadian Culture
A family of 14 from Mexico seeking the ultimate Canadian cultural experience engaged our team to create a multi-destination adventure that included five-world class cities and a stay at one of the country’s top wilderness lodges. Over 17 days, our guests visited national treasures and iconic landmarks in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver and Victoria. In each city we reserved five-star hotels in prime downtown locations, curated custom tours with Spanish speaking guides, and coordinated private transportation. A three-night all-inclusive glamping experience – featuring spa treatments, horseback riding, kayaking, wildlife viewing, zip lining, rock climbing and ocean fishing – completed the bespoke Canadian exploration.

Contact our team of innovative industry veterans to discover how Entrée Destinations can fulfill your dreams of a Canadian or Alaskan family adventure with imagination, authenticity and style.

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