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Standing on the rustic wooden viewing platform your heart races, as a massive 800 lb. grizzly lumbers towards the riverbed with two cubs in tow. She’s so close that her soft grunts and powerful strides send a cascade of shivers down your spine. With a few clumsy splashes the trio is in the water, and the lesson begins. Soon the cubs will catch their own salmon, in the same spot their mother learned to fish years ago. It’s a mesmerizing scene and you’ve only just arrived. Imagine what’s yet to come.


A Remote and Wild Wonderland

Every year generations of grizzlies return to the banks of the pristine Taku River to feast on the late-summer salmon run. Their remote hunting ground, concealed by the vast, untamed wilderness that drapes the British Columbia-Alaska border, is inaccessible to most. However, for the fortunate few who crave a rare, immersive experience, voyaging to this intimate, off-the-grid camp is extraordinary. Some years see upwards of 60 grizzly bears in the area, and with no fencing to separate wildlife from the cookhouse and cabins, you’re granted a unique opportunity to observe these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. It’s a privilege that’s both exhilarating and serene.

Unparalleled Grizzly Encounters

Time here is spent viewing and studying bear behavior. Every day promises new adventure with awe-inspiring up-close encounters that are especially dream-worthy for naturalists, photographers, artists and wildlife enthusiasts. As the helicopter-accessed camp is completely removed from the outside world and accommodates a maximum of two-guests in each of the six cabins, the nights are relaxing and tranquil. Out on the viewing deck, stories are shared over wine and simple meals of freshly caught trout. The bears, who have adapted to the campsite’s 25-year existence, meander past, relaxed and unfazed by your presence. Later, after retiring to your cabin, you’ll read, review photos and journal your thoughts. It’s a time to reflect and appreciate spectacular wildlife and landscape.

Thoughtfully Curated Adventures

The guide we’ve partnered with for this transformative journey is an expert in his field, who has studied and photographed the Taku River grizzlies for more than 35-years. He continues to impart his profound knowledge to our guests, sharing stories about each bear’s lineage, history and behavior. Safety is of course paramount, and an extensive briefing session upon arrival provides a clear understanding of camp rules and bear behavior. It’s through this expertise and education that our guests feel confident to fully immerse themselves in this life-changing experience.

The Taku River adventure is just one of the bear viewing encounters we curate for our guests. From a private safari with a luxury fly-in eco-lodge, to bear viewing by boat at an elegant tented camp, our knowledgeable staff will design a bespoke journey, meticulously created to suit your style and desires.