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Our Favourite Alaska Wilderness Lodges:

Alaska is home to some of the most pristine and rugged landscapes in the world – it is known as the last frontier after all! One of the best ways to explore these exquisite lands is through an Alaska wilderness lodge experience. Staying deep in the wild can be a breathtaking journey that allows you space to recharge and refresh. There are many reasons why an Alaska wilderness lodge experience is unforgettable, and here are just a few of our favorites. We create our tours bespoke for you, and these tasters are built to inspire.

Access to incredible wildlife viewing experiences:

One of the greatest gifts of being so deep in the wilderness is the richness in wildlife. Alaska is home to a wealth of bucket list mammals. It’s arguably the best place in the world to view bald eagles, as more than half of America’s population lives in this state alone. Additionally, 70% of North America’s brown bear population roam these lands, along with thousands of black and Kodiak bears. An Alaska wilderness lodge experience guarantees a ticket to the remote, you’ll leave little trace and experience the region in all its authenticity. Residing with local knowledge has its benefits, our specialists ensure that you explore the landscape’s most unique hangouts. Private wildlife experiences are never far away on journeys such as these.

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience - Alaska is home to the biggest walrus haulouts in North America

Alaska is home to the biggest walrus haulouts in North America

All remote wilderness lodges in Alaska have ample wildlife-viewing opportunities, and one of our most esteemed is Crystal Creek Lodge. Thousands of bears live in the nearby Katmai National Park and Preserve. Within the park, you may visit Brooks Falls, an irrefutable highlight for many guests. Here, you can often see numerous bears snatching at jumping sockeye salmon – this live stream of the falls paints the picture perfectly. Three of the busiest pacific walrus haulouts in the US are also within flying distance of the lodge – there are hundreds of the whisker-faced giants, and larger ones can weigh up to 3000 pounds! You may also see moose, reindeer, red fox, wolf, and lynxes. Have a read of our full Crystal Creek Lodge Adventure itinerary for more inspiration.

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience - Crystal Creek Lodge is a haven only accessible by floatplane.

Crystal Creek Lodge is a haven with ample fly-out activities.

Experience the Legendary Denali National Park:

Home to over six million acres of natural wilderness, with North America’s largest mountain standing tall, Denali National Park is one of the most cherished landscapes in America. This region is home to some truly outstanding natural wildlife, including 39 documented species of mammal and over 650 species of flowering plants. Popular activities here include hiking, bird watching, backcountry safari, and ATV tours. An Alaska wilderness lodge experience offers an off-the-beaten-track invitation to natural splendor, there’s nothing quite like it.

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience - Mt Denali is North America's tallest mountain.

Mt Denali is North America’s tallest mountain.

Without a doubt, one of the most exclusive, and possibly the most remote, of our destinations is Sheldon Chalet. This refuge is nestled 5,800 thousand meters above sea level on Mount Denali, and it oozes luxury. It’s hard to imagine a sanctuary that is comparable to Sheldon. On arrival, you can expect delicacies such as barbecued oyster and Alaskan crab, along with a sumptuously decorated interior. First-class highlights include drinking champagne on the deck’s wrap-around hammock – an effortless way to experience the panoramic views of Don Sheldon Amphitheatre. Additionally, on a clear night during aurora season, unbeatable views of the northern lights are all but guaranteed. You may also partake in crevasse explorations, guided rappels, a mountaineering course, and flightseeing. For an Alaska wilderness lodge experience unlike any other on earth and the most lavish way to experience Mount Denali, a luxury mountain retreat to Sheldon Chalet is utterly show-stopping.

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience - Sheldon Chalet beneath the incredible Northern Lights.

Sheldon Chalet under the incredible Northern Lights.

Alaskan Fishing adventures:

Whether you’re a novice angler or an experienced fisher, Alaska has some of the best freshwater, saltwater, fly and ice fishing across the globe. Year-round, there’s something for everyone here. During the summer months, you can expect halibut, king, red, silver, pink & chum salmon. Alaska is also home to one of the most spectacular salmon runs in the world, and whether you’re here for the fishing or the spectacle, you’ll count yourself lucky if you see it. As one of America’s most uninhabited states, the fish populations remain high and the competition out on the water is low. This is one of the reasons why so many fishers opt for an Alaska wilderness lodge experience – an exclusive catch of a lifetime is rarely far away.

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience - Alaska has some of the best fishing in the world! Credit: Michael-DeYoung.

Alaska has some of the best fishing in the world! Credit: Michael-DeYoung.

Many of the remote dwellings across Alaska have some magnificent fishing their doorstep, and Favorite Bay Lodge is no exception. Located 15 miles west of Juneau on Admiralty Island, this backcountry haven is reachable only by boat or plane. Going remote has its perks, and you can expect an authentic and private experience like no other. You may enjoy some astounding river fishing or head out to sea for a saltwater catch of the day. Your time at the lodge is yours to appreciate as you see fit, you name it and we endeavor to make it happen. There’s ample wildlife to spot here. Admiralty Island is home to the highest density of brown bears in North America, with one per square mile, earning it its nickname, the “Fortress of Bears”. For a taste of what a stay on at Favorite Bay Lodge could entail, have a read of our Inside Passage Retreat itinerary.

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience - Photos--Chris-McLennan--Katmai-National-Park--333

70% of North America’s brown bear population reside in Alaska. Credit: Chris McLennan

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience:

An Alaska wilderness lodge experience has so much to offer. Alaskan travel is all about nature, and these remote refuges grant access to some of the most authentic and untouched natural landscapes that the world has to offer. Have a look at our full Alaska collection for further northern inspiration. Alternatively, to find out more, fill out our quick plan your trip form, or get in touch toll-free on: 1-888-999-6556.

Alaska Wilderness Lodge Experience - More bald eagles live in Alaska than any other state.

More bald eagles live in Alaska than any other state.