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Sandra Towers

General Manager

Years at Entrée: 13


As General Manager, Sandra Towers supports the Entrée Team so they can focus on what’s important – serving our guests.  With such a strong team of professionals, Sandra encourages the staff to take leadership in their roles and looks for ways to make their jobs and their work/life balance better.   Troubleshooting problems, removing barriers, improving processes, recruiting and hiring are all tools that Sandra uses to keep the company operating smoothly and our team in great shape.

Sandra believes that when our staff is happy, rewarded and motivated, it reflects in their work and this results in delighted guests and suppliers that love working with us (because we send happy guests…).  It’s a big circle full of love, and this is what we try to achieve.  Outside of work Sandra is a dedicated mom, wife and lover of nature.  Her and her husband are (literally) world champion sailors and they love sharing the outdoors with their kids.

Q & A

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I can’t tell those kinds of stories publicly.  Suffice it to say it involved a third world country, a bad case of tummy trouble and a pay phone.

What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

Um, the ones my boss has given me? 

What is on the top of your bucket list?

Taking my family on a biking trip in France.  I spent a few years living and working there and would love to show the kids the Chateaux of the Loire Valley and the hilltop villages in Provence. 

What do you like/love about working at Entrée?

I like that I can come to work and try my best every day and that I’m surrounded with people who do the same.  We are a group of passionate people, passionate about our country, passionate about how we do our jobs, passionate about sharing our country with others – we put our very best selves, product and effort forward and that makes me proud every day.