Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing in Canada & Alaska — what to expect:

A region with few fences, wildlife viewing in Canada & Alaska is intimate and wild. You can view some of Mother Nature’s most impressive species here; polar bears in Manitoba, blue whales and orcas in Alaska’s inside passage, the world’s largest omnivore – the Kodiak bear – on Kodiak Island, and grizzly and spirit bears in British Columbia, to name a few. With stunning vistas and a curated collection of lodges, guides and wilderness resorts, these tours are untamed and authentic. If you’re looking for unforgettable experiences in nature, this is where you can find them.

Wildlife viewing in Canada & Alaska with Entrée Destinations:

We’ll get you up close and personal with the wildest creatures of our landscape. We only work with the best lodges, destinations, and partners to bring you the finest, and safest, wildlife viewing in Canada & Alaska. Our journeys are built from the ground up to your unique preferences. Have you got a passion for bears and would like to view spirit, grizzly, brown and polar bears in one all-out journey? No problem! Got a preference for oceanic mammals and would relish the chance to see dolphins, orcas, and walruses? We know just the route. Whether you’re interested in wildlife viewing in Canada or Alaska, we can make it happen. Our corner of North America is yours to explore, and with our 24/7 travel support, we are always by your side. Have a browse of our itineraries below — they’re a taster of what is possible!